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Birla Tyres was first established in 1991, as part of Kesoram Industries Limited. It then collaborated with world-class tyre manufacturer Pirelli, in the production and development of its tyres. Since then, Birla Tyres has built a solid reputation for quality and is now recognised as one of the best tyre manufacturers around.

Kesoram Industries is a dynamic company with businesses in the fields of cement, rayon yarn, spun pipes and heavy chemicals.
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Network Expansion

We have over 170 sales depots to meet every customer's needs. Find our new office locations at Shankagiri, Panvel, Secunderabad, Daltongunge and Siwan.


We equip our production facilities with the latest technology to deliver the quality and reliability Birla Tyres is known for. Our factory at Laksar, Uttrakhand, has a production capacity of over 44 lakh truck tyres per year.


Like our products, Birla Tyres remains resilient and keeps forging ahead, always ready to explore the uncharted.

  • The first plant in Balasore was set up in collaboration with world-renowned tyre manufacturer Pirelli in 1991.
  • The new high-tech factory at Laksar-Haridwar, Uttaranchal, was built in a record time of 10 months. This modern Rs. 2300 crore Haridwar factory today has a combined production capacity of over 44 lakh truck tyres per year.
  • The company enjoyed an increase in turnover of Rs. 1947.22 crore in 2008 to Rs. 2849.61 crores in 2009. We are now looking ahead to reach a target of Rs. 5500 crore.
  • The Haridwar plant attained a total projected investment of Rs. 2300 crores.
  • In 2009, our export turnover exceeded Rs. 375 crore. Birla Tyres now exports to over 50 countries.
  • Our robust domestic network consists of 10 zonal offices. We have also grown our sales depots from 80 to more than 170 points to meet every customer demand.
  • We have more than 170 new sales engineers at major locations to provide 24-hour claim settlements.
  • With an expanding network of over 3200 dealers, Birla Tyres is growing from strength to strength. We are constantly working on new and attractive schemes to increase dealer benefits.

Chairman's Message

" We continue to operate in certain sectors where our customers trust our strategic vision. Cement and Tyres, the two significant businesses of Kesoram have seen a mixed year. To meet the challenges of these dynamic markets and to continue on our journey of success, we have necessary foresight, strategy and preparedness. "


International experts have recognised how Birla Tyres' pursuit of quality has created positive impact for its stakeholders. Take a look below and see our progress in the areas of productivity, environmental impact, product quality and organizational change.