Our mission

Our Mission is to make people’s lives safer on India’s roads.

By providing safe, hard-wearing, quality tyres at affordable prices.

And supporting road safety, particularly for our core customers, commercial drivers and 2-wheeler riders.

Investing for the future

Birla Tyres is investing significantly in improving its tyre ranges and improving its service and support for its dealers.


Birla Tyres is in the process of completing a new world-class R&D centre which will enable us to meet our customers' desires for even better, safer tyres across all of our ranges, and to satisfy customers in new segments.

Trusted by India's leading vehicle manufacturers

Indian vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) respect the quality and value of Birla Tyres so much that they regularly fit our tyres as original equipment on their new commercial vehicles, scooters, motorcycles and 3-wheelers. They know Birla Tyres will give their customers the safety and reliability they are looking for.

25 years of tyre expertise

Birla Tyres was first established in 1991, as part of Kesoram Industries Limited, initially collaborating , in the production and development of its tyres with world-class tyre manufacturer Pirelli. Since then, Birla Tyres has built a solid reputation for quality and is now recognised as one of the best tyre manufacturers in India.

Supporting our communities

Birla Tyres has for 25 years been actively supporting its communities in a broad range of ways - from providing schools for workers to supporting local festivals to distributing food and blankets. Some of Birla Tyres community projects and social investments are shown below.

Providing drinking water

Birla Tyres not only distributes drinking water, but also invests in providing drinking water facilities.

Enhancing the environment

To support and improve the environment Birla Tyres has been running sapling tree planting projects in and around Balasore, Odisha.

Improving public health

Birla Tyres works to improve health in its communities - here we see photos of a campaign run by BIrla Tyres to provide public information on the risks of Dengue fever and ways to counter this scourge.

Kesoram Industries is part of the B.K. Birla group of companies. A dynamic company with a range of businesses including cement and tyres.


Message from our Chairman

" We operate in chosen sectors where our customers trust our strategic vision. Cement and Tyres are the two significant businesses of Kesoram. To meet the challenges of these dynamic markets and to continue on our journey of success, we have necessary foresight, strategy and preparedness."