Birla tyres are in demand all over the world - as you can see by our international distribution network shown as red dots on the map above. Birla Tyres exports to more than 20 Countries including Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, as well as many others across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America, with as much as 15% of our production of Bus and Truck Tyres going to export. We are proud that there are so many people around the world riding safely on our tyres.

Strong export capabilities

Birla Tyres is recognised for its effectiveness and success in supplying its export markets. Birla Tyres has been the recipient of CAPEXIL Special Export Awards for many years, and is recognised by the Indian Government for its export achievement in respect of Automobile Tyres, Tubes and Flaps.

Birla Tyres continues to develop new products to adapt to specific requirements of different markets.

Our products are supplied through strong and dedicated distribution channels, and our importers are fully supported by the company's technical team and their well trained staff.

Join our Export Network

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