Better Value than Competitor 1

"Initially we were only using Competitor 1’s tyres. We then fitted Birla Tyre Ultra Miler against Competitor 1 99 and found that the mileage of Ultra Miler was far better than Competitor 1’s 99. In respect to CPKM we found Ultra Miler is better. We also did a fitment test of Ultra Drive against Competitor 1’s 99. Results are surprising – in respect to CPKM or mileage Birla Ultra Drive is much better. Now we are regularly using Birla Tyre Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler in our vehicles and also recommend them to other owners."
— Anil Jolly, Jolly Transport Co. Lucknow, November 2017
"We were using Competitor 1’s 50+ and 99 in our vehicles. We have fitted Birla Tyres Ultra Drive against the 50+ in two vehicles in July 2017. We got three trips more in Ultra Drive compared to the 50+. After that we are using 100% Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler in our 14 vehicles"
— B. Singh, Bharat Cargo Carriers, Guwahati, Assam, October 2017
"We fitted a bus with 10.00-20/16PR Birla Tyres Ultra Miler versus Competitor 1’s 99. After completing 40161 kms, we are getting 5% more mileage from Ultra Miler compared to the 99"
— Nafees Bus Service, SATNA, M.P. December 2017
"We are glad to inform you that we have got better mileage from Birla Tyres with respect to Competitor 1’s 50+, which was giving us the maximum mileage"
— Prakash Thakkar, J.R. Roadmiles Pvt. Ltd, Kachchh, Gujarat. December 2017
"We have 19 vehicles running in coal and cement operations. Earlier we were using Competitor 1’s 50+ tyres. We have fitted Birla Tyres Ultra Drive tyres in two vehicles against the 50+. We observed that CPKM-wise Ultra Drive is ahead of the 50+. Also claim ration is lesser in Ultra Drive compared to 50+. After that we have converted all the vehicles to Ultra Drive."
— Gurmit Singh, Guwahati, Assam. August 2017
"We are having a total 80 vehicle strength in my fleet. I was using 100% Competitor 1 tyres in my vehicles – now I am using 100% Birla Tyres in my vehicles. I am delighted to recommend Birla Ultra Miler and Ultra Drive tyres with my transporter mates."
— Jitendra Chaurary, Gaurav Transport Service, Meerut. U.P. December 2017
"We have 10, 12 and 14 wheeler trucks, on 15 to 26 ton payloads. For the last 10 years we were using Competitor 1’s 50+, 50+r and 99 in our fleet. We tried a test fitment of Birla Tyres Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler against the 50+ and 99. We found CPKM and performance of Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler is excellent. Thereafter we are regularly using Birla Tyres’ Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler, which is about 7-% of our fitment. We are very satisfied with Birla Tyres load-carrying capacity, mileage and after-sales service, and recommend Birla Tyres to other fleets"
— Shiva Bajpai, Shree Narain Road Carrier, Lucknow, December 2017

Better Value than Competitor 2

"We are a fleet of 20 vehicles, carrying 20 ton. We were mainly using of Competitor 2 Gold Tyres, and then started using Road Miler and Birla Tyres Ultra Drive Platina. The service of Birla Tyres Ultra Drive Platina is best in industry as compared with Competitor 2 Gold."
— Ode Ramesh Bhai, Ranchhod Bhai. December 2017
"We have a fleet of 17 vehicles, and used to fit Competitor 2 Gold. We fitted Birla Tyres Ultra Miler against Competitor 2 Gold under a challenge fitment in July 2016. I got lower cost per kilometre from Ultra Miler compared to Competitor 2 Gold. After that I started purchasing Birla Tyres Ultra Miler on a regular basis. I am satisfied with Ultra Miler mileage and the after sales service given by Birla Tyres team."
— Prem Transport Co, Jabalpur, M.P. January 2017
"Earlier we were using Competitor 2 tyres, but we got convinced regarding Birla Tyres Ultra Miler and Ultra Drive. We are fully satisfied with the performance, mileage and after-sales service of Birla Tyres, and nowadays we are using 8.25-20 Ultra Miler in front axle and 8.25-20 Ultra Drive in rear axle in all vehicles"
— Vikas Roadways, Jugsalal, Jamshedpur. December 2017

Better Value than Competitor 3

"We have a fleet of 25 vehicles. Earlier we were using Competitor 3 Xtra Load and Competitor 3 R Miles. We fitted Birla Tyres Ultra Miler under Challenge warranty and after getting good results we have now started fitting Birla Tyres Ultra Miler on all our vehicles. We are fully satisfied with the performance and mileage of Ultra Miler."
— Baba Devpuri Road Carrier, Gwalior, M.P. December 2017
"We have 35 vehicles running Tata/Bangalore/Orissa. Previously we were using Competitor 3 Miles and Track, but we fitted BT Ultra Drive and Ultra Miler and now have fitted more than 50 tyres of Birla Tyres Platina series into our vehicles."
— Shri Ram Carriers, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, December 2017
"We are fleet of 125 vehicles, mostly 6-wheeler and 10-wheeler. We were mainly using Competitor 3 Miles, and tried Birla Tyres Ultra Miler. The service we are getting from Birla Tyres Ultra Miler Platina is greater than Competitor 3 up to 4-5 thousand km. Performance of Birla Tyres is best in industry for underload application. We now recommend Birla Tyres Platina series to other transporters."
— Shreee Dhain Auto Logistics Ltd. Vadodara, Gujarat December 2017

Better Value than Competitor 4

"Earlier I was using Competitor 4 for my drive axles. I fitted Ultra Drive Platina around 9 months back. To date the vehicle run 32400 km with more than 50% tread rubber still remaining, I am highly surprised and extremely satisfied by the mileage of this tyre and already fitted in two of my other vehicles"
— Shivali Agrawad, Lankeswari Tyres, Kalehandi, Odisha, December 2017
"We are having 20 fleets. Earlier we were using Competitor 4 Super, but we started using Birla Tyres premium series Ultra Miler and Ultra Drive Platina. By close monitoring we see that we are getting good service and mileage form these tyres, so we are suggesting to others that they fit Birla premium tyres"
— MVR Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, West Bengal. December 2017

Kalapatthar – better value for mining

"We are really satisfied with the performance of Birla Kalapatthar as the tires are running for almost 22000 to 23000km. The sidewall is very good and has the highest resistance to limestone boulders. There is no complaint of side bulging and overall the casing is very good: it can be used twice for resoling and even has a disposable value of Rs 1500-2000 after resoling twice. We replace around 250-300 tyres each financial year and it is very economical to use, comparing to other brands like Competitor 1, Competitor 2 and Competitor 3 which we previously used before. After using Kalapatthar we are saving around 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh per annum, so I strongly recommend all fleet operators who are engaged in mining operations to switch to Birla Kalapatthar."
— Owner, Mineral & Mines Development Agency, Sutnga, Meghalaya, December 2017