We are very proud of our dealer network, and have been making a number of improvements in our support for them so they can better serve their customers.

Improved distribution system

Birla Tyres has recently introduced a new supply chain process. This ensures that minimum stock levels are maintained across our 103 depots and 13 regional distribution centres around the country. So our dealers can be confident that we have the stock they need, where and when they need it.

Empowered regional management teams

Birla Tyres has a dedicated team of sales engineers at major locations across the country to provide service to our customers. Our regional management teams are empowered to provide service, distribution and marketing support in each region - making it easier and quicker to give our dealers quality support.


Birla Tyres regional offices – home to our new regional management teams

Improved policies and benefits

With an expanding network of over 3500 dealers, Birla Tyres is growing from strength to strength. We are constantly working on new and attractive schemes to simplify our policies and increase dealer benefits.

Join our Dealer Network

We are always delighted to have more dealers satisfying their customers with high quality, good value Birla Tyres. If you are interested, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with your regional team.

To email us please click here or call us on 033 22624354

Dealer Portal

We have a secure dealer portal for existing dealers. Existing dealers can login to their accounts here