CIRP Information

  Gratuity payment due of resigned employees & workmen

  Distribution Mechanism of Operational Creditors, Workmen & Employees

  Extinguishment and delisting of shares

  Approval of resolution plan order

  Approval of resolution plan by NCLT

  Intimation for approval of Resolution Plan by Committee of Creditors

  Post Facto intimation 16th CoC

  Post facto Intimation 15th CoC

  Post facto Intimation 14th CoC

  Post facto Intimation 13th CoC

  Post Facto Intimation 12th CoC

  Post Facto Intimation 11th COC

  List of Creditors as on 30th June 2023

  BTL - List of Creditors as on 14-03-2023

  Post Facto intimation of 10th CoC

  List of creditors as on 05-12-2022

 Post facto Intimation of 9th CoC

 Intimation of 8th CoC

 Post Facto Intimation of 7th CoC meeting

 RP Replacement Order

 Post - facto intimation of COC meeting - 07.10.2022

 Revised List of Creditors dated 27.09.2022

 List of Creditors dated 15-09-2022

 Extension of time for submission of Expression of Interest

 Birla Tyres Limited EOI 13-09-2022

 Birla Tyre Teaser for Domestic Investors

 Birla Tyre Teaser for International Investors

 Form G with revised timelines and postal address

 Post-facto intimation of COC Meeting - 30.08.2022

 Post-facto intimation of COC Meeting - 22.08.2022

 Form G with revised timelines

 Form G

 Detailed Expression of Interest

 Post-facto intimation of COC Meeting - 22.07.2022

 Post-facto intimation of COC Meeting - 13.07.2022

 Appointment of Resolution Professional

 List of Creditors dated 28-06-2022

 Outcome of COC Meeting

 Intimation of COC Meeting

 List of Creditors dated 01-06-2022

 Regulation 30 - Admission of Application by Tribunal CIPR

 Newspaper Advertisement of Public Announcement