Premium bias tyres for commercial & farm vehicles

Meet the new Platina range

Platina is an innovative new tyre that applies advanced technology to create a stronger casing. This is capable of carrying higher loads and is more cut and tear resistant, thus giving a longer life, higher mileage and more retreads than other commercial tyres. Platina therefore gives the best possible value for the fleet. Capable of carrying payloads of 12-18 MT (6W vehicle) and 20-30 MT (10W vehicle).

Ultra Drive Platina

For higher mileage and heavier payloads

High-performance commercial drive tyres with maximum tread mass in the mileage zone,  featuring superior technology tread compound to give more load carrying capacity, excellent high mileage and tear resistance so longer life.  Capability for multiple retreads give better casing value.

2 sizes: 10.00-20,  8.25-20

Load type: Moderate   Pattern: Lug   Axle: Drive/Rear

Ultra Miler Platina

For a longer life and increased mileage

High-performance commercial front (steer) axle tyres with a continuous central rib for better handling. Platina tyres feature advanced technology materials and design, to give uniform tread wear and superior mileage. Longer life and ability for  multiple retreads improves casing value.

2 sizes: 10.00-20,  8.25-20

Load type: Moderate   Pattern: Rib   Axle: Steer

Farm Haul Platina – Front

High performance front farm tyre

Wider centre & notch shoulder rib for better stability with stronger carcass for higher life. High abrasion and flex fatigue resistant tread compound – suitable for both haulage and agriculture. Longer hours in field & more mileage on road.

1 Size: 6.00-16


Farm Haul Platina – Rear

High performance rear farm tyre

Longer hours in field & more mileage on road – suitable for both farming & haulage. Cut & tear resistant tread compound with mud shaker for self cleaning. Higher contained air volume. Applicable for both hard & soft soil. Thorn & stubble puncture resistant

2 Sizes: 13.6-28,  12.4-28

Premium bias tyres for Mining and OTR

Kalapatthar – the Black Rock

Kalapatthar is the toughest, most reliable earth mover tyre for mining and OTR vehicles. This premium high-technology tyre offers higher load carrying capacity and better traction while being less prone to cuts – ideal for the most demanding environments. 


For the toughest mining environments

Kalapatthar is a premium lug mining tyre incorporating the latest technology to carry heavier loads in the roughest environments. It has a strongly bonded casing, specially designed for superior cut & chip resistance. It's unique tread design gives high traction even on loose gravel.

5 Sizes: 9.00-20, 10.00-20, 11.00-20, 12.00-20, 12.00-24

Kalapatthar Plus

For the roughest off-the-road conditions

Kalapatthar Plus is the most reliable OTR tyre in the Indian market. It's strongly bonded casing and special tread compound gives superior cut and chip resistance. The non symmetric "Z" block tread gives higher grip even on gravel or muddy off-road conditions.

1 Size: 12.00-24

Motorcycles and Scooters Tyres

The MAXX range of tyres for Motorcycles and Scooters :



Utilising superior technology to provide a safer, more comfortable ride. Giving great control at high speed for a safer ride, and are extremely durable, guaranteeing a longer life and therefore better value. Birla Tyres for motorcycles and scooters are now available tubeless as well as tubed.


Available in a wide range of sizes


Available in a wide range of sizes


Available in a wide range of sizes


Available in a wide range of sizes